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National Adverse Drug Event Awareness Day - March 24th

In an effort to enhance public health and safety, the American Society of Pharmacovigilance has earmarked March 24 as National Adverse Drug Event Awareness Day. This initiative underscores a vital commitment to curbing the incidence of adverse drug events (ADEs) across the nation, a significant concern that not only endangers lives but also imposes a heavy financial burden on our healthcare system.

Adverse drug events are a major health risk, leading to numerous medical emergencies, hospital stays, and doctor visits every year. To put this into perspective, ADEs are responsible for around 1 million visits to the emergency room, contribute to 2.2 million hospitalizations, prompt 3.5 million consultations in physician offices, and incur an astounding $136 billion in healthcare expenses annually in the United States. Astonishingly, with over 100,000 occurrences each year, ADEs rank as the fourth leading cause of death in the country.

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