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Human Rights Advocate, Discusses Potential Link Between Antidepressant Drugs and Mass Shootings

In the video linked below, Jierra, a professional singer and human rights advocate, discusses the potential link between antidepressant drugs and mass shootings. She emphasizes that while Congress often responds to such tragedies with calls for increased gun control, more attention should be directed towards investigating the side effects of psychotropic antidepressants. Jierra references a comprehensive report, "The Violence Report," highlighting the prevalence of mass shooting perpetrators who were either using or withdrawing from these drugs. She also touches on the definitions of psychotropic drugs and SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors), citing various sources including Wikipedia and Jara advocates for more in-depth investigations into the effects of these drugs and urges the examination of medical and psychiatric records of shooting perpetrators. She mentions, a site documenting cases linking aggression, violence, and SSRI usage. Jierra further addresses the potential misuse of psychiatric diagnoses in red flag laws and the need for more effective mental health treatments beyond pharmaceuticals, suggesting alternatives like exercise, diet changes, and social connection. She calls for legislative focus on regulating psychiatric practices and antidepressant prescriptions, advocating for more holistic approaches to mental health care.

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