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RxISKS film Wins Bronze Telly Award for “Non-Broadcast - Documentary: Short Form”

I’m thrilled to announce that our RxISKS film has won the Bronze Award for “Non-Broadcast Documentary: Short Form” in 2023, The Telly Awards. Less than 3 years ago, I met up with Jose Acosta in the hopes that he would be the film director to tell my very difficult hardship story. My prayer was that this film would help the masses of individuals and families that I suspected were suffering from No Informed Consent of wicked side effects and adverse events. I knew I was not alone and simply desired to be a voice to encourage others to come forward so we could all bring attention to the silence, stigma, and shame of the very serious prescription drug problem in America.

Today we celebrate those answered prayers of achievement in outstanding storytelling. Thank you Jose and to all those who are participating and helping in our 501(c)(3) mission and website launch. We Will Win in bringing Awareness, Caution, and Accountability to the dangers of psychotropic meds.

Watch the film when you have a chance, and we'd love to hear your thoughts! Godspeed, Bob Schwartz Executive Director/Producer A Better Bob, Inc

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